Els is in her forties, divorced and in love again. For her, falling in love was not easy: she has had to accept that she has a life even though her twenty-year-old daughter is seeking psychiatric euthanasia, something that as a mother, she can do nothing about. In the storm of her own emotions, mixed with guilt, anger, fear, and hope, love is what teaches Els to try to move forward, even if it seems impossible. Falling is a lyrical, found footage-based testimony from a mother confronted by the taboos surrounding motherhood and the most difficult situation of her life.

Anna Gyimesi

Anna Gyimesi was born in 1985, in Budapest. After receiving her degree in medicine in 2011, she turned to filmmaking. She graduated from the film directing program of the University of Theater and Film Arts, Budapest, in 2019, and from documentary film directing in the DocNomads Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Course in 2021. Her interests are taboo social dilemmas represented through personal dramas, especially connected to motherhood, womanhood, and social marginalization. Her latest short, Affricate focuses on a single mother raising her disabled teenage daughter while facing her own deeply-buried needs. The film premiered in the short film competition of the Sarajevo Film Festival and screened, among many others, at PÖFF Shorts 2022, Seattle International Film Festival, and OFF-Odense International Film Festival. Recently, she has been focusing on the development of her debut, Soft Hours, under the frame of Midpoint Feature Launch 2023. Falling is her graduation film for the DocNomads Joint Master Programme.

Thursday, 23 November 6:00PM
Corvin - Jávor
Sunday, 26 November 8:15PM
Corvin - Karády
Hungary, Belgium, Portugal
Hungarian Premiere
Anna Gyimesi
Anna Gyimesi
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Anna Gyimesi
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Anna Gyimesi
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Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Student Film 2023