Nowhere to Hide

Nowhere to Hide
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Middle East

The film follows nurse Nori Sharif through five years of dramatic change in Iraq. Seen through his eyes, the film offers a unique, immersive account of one of the world’s most dangerous and inaccessible areas — the “triangle of death” in central Iraq. The film moves from stories of hopeful survivors to Nori himself, as continuing conflicts force the remaining population (including most of the hospital staff) to flee. Nori remains until ISIS advances and takes over Jalawla in 2014, and only then turns the camera on himself as he and his family quickly seek safety.

Zaradasht Ahmed

Director and photographer Zaradasht Ahmed is a Kurdish/Norwegian filmmaker. He was born and raised in Northern Iraq. His previous work includes the award-winning documentary ”Road to Diyarbakir”, and he has many years of experience working with documentary filmmaking in the Middle East, North-Africa, and Asia, as well as training local people in documentation. His latest film on the topic of illegal immigration to Europe (for SVT Swedish Television) – ”Fata Morgana” – has been screened at several prestigious Film festivals.

Selected filmography: 
The Road to Diyarbekir (2011)
Fata Morgana (2013)
Thursday, 23 November 6:30PM
Corvin - Latabár
Norway, Sweden, Iraq
Zaradasht Ahmed