Snajka: Diary of Expectations

Snajka: Dnevnik očekivanja
Doc Future Student and Debut Film Competition

To the general surprise of their families, Mirsad (a Roma from Kosovo) and Tea (a Croat) decide to get married. Two completely different cultures, each with their own customs and long-built expectations, meet in uncharted territory. Regardless of their love and tolerance, their mutual differences, deeply rooted in the upbringing and cultures from which they originate, emerge. Tea has just found a compromise to meet Mirsad’s family’s wishes, and has started to make money when their daughter, Frida, is born. This dark-skinned girl with a catching smile equally belongs to everyone...or no one.

Tea Vidović Dalipi

Tea Vidović was born 1986, in Zagreb. She graduated with a BA in sociology and an MA from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She co-organized the photographic-visual-music exhibition What Is Balkan? – Balkan Bude, to raise awareness about the presence of migrants in the local community. In 2011 she enrolled in the informal training program, Peace Studies in Zagreb, and collaborated on research for the film We Wanted Workers, Instead We Got People, by Đuro Gavran. In 2013 she began Restart’s Documentary Film School and developed ideas for her first documentary film. She has been employed at the Centre for Peace Studies since 2012, working on the integration of migrants into immigrant communities and other migrant-related issues.

Saturday, 25 November 8:00PM
Corvin - Jávor
Tuesday, 28 November 8:15PM
Toldi - Small Hall
Croatia, Italy, Kosovo
Croatian, Albanian, English, Romani
Hungarian Premiere
Tea Vidović Dalipi
Oliver Sertic
Jelena Maksimovic
Dinka Radonic
Tea Vidovic Dalipi
Luka Gamulin
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