Spots of Light

Spots of Light
Vektor VR

Spots of Light is an immersive VR documentary that takes viewers into the extraordinary journey of Dan Layani, who as a young soldier tragically lost his sight in combat in 1982. Despite facing this life-altering setback, Dan propelled himself forward as he pursued his education, found love, and raised four children. After 25 years of living in darkness, a miraculous opportunity presented itself for Dan to undergo an experimental surgery to bring back his sight. With his vision restored, Dan was able to behold his beloved wife and his four children, for the very first time. However, the story takes an unexpected turn. Guided by Dan's own heartfelt narration, Spots of Light takes the user on an introspective journey through pivotal moments in his life.

Adam Weingrod

Adam Weingrod is an independent filmmaker from Israel. Graduate of the Steve Tisch TAU Film Dept. MFA program. "The Island" (2017), a 60-minute documentary, is an award-winning film commissioned by the yesDocu channel and has been screened at numerous film festivals, including Docaviv and Santa Barbara. The film won several awards, including Best Debut Film at the Verzio Human Rights Festival and Best Student Film at the Israeli Documentary Forum Awards. Adam has also directed several shorts, such as "I See You" (2023, documentary) that premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival and will air on Israel's public TV channel KAN11. "And There Will Be Fire" (2018, documentary), Epos Art Film Festival at the Tel Aviv Museum. "Funjoya" (2016, fiction) won the Audience Award at the Tel Aviv Student Film Festival. His latest work "Spots of Light" held its world premiere at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

Israel, Canada
Hungarian Premiere
Adam Weingrod