The Other Profile

Le Vrai du faux
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French filmmaker Armel Hostiou discovers a fake Facebook account has been set up using his name and image to gain female friends in Kinshasa. According to the fake profile, these women are invited to audition for his next film, which is supposedly set in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The filmmaker notifies Facebook of the identity theft, naively thinking it will quickly be resolved, but a few weeks later, things take a suspenseful turn.

Armel Hostiou

After studying Political Science, Armel Hostiou studied cinema at La Fémis film school in Paris in the camera department. His graduation film SoLoS, that he directed, has travelled and won several awards nationally and internationally. He has since dedicated himself to directing, first of short films but also installations and music videos. His first feature film Rives premiered in ACID Cannes and was distributed in France in 2012. His second feature, shot in New York, Une Histoire Américaine, premiered at Lincoln Center in New York at RDV with French Cinema and was distributed in France in 2015. His first documentary La Pyramide Invisible premiered at Cinema du Réel in 2019. His last feature The Other Profile premiered at the main competition of CPH:DOX and will be released in theatres in France by Météore Films in June 2023. He is also working on a script for his next fiction feature film.

Thursday, 23 November 8:30PM
Corvin - Latabár
Sunday, 26 November 6:15PM
Corvin - Radványi
French, Lingala
Hungarian Premiere
Armel Hostiou
Jasmina Sijerčić
Mario Valero
Armel Hostiou
Elie Mbansing
Amaury Arboun
Arnaud Marten
Gilles Benardeau
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